Dwarf planet Eris will be close to Earth, save the date!

The dwarf planet Eris will appear in the near future. The Earth will be between the dwarf planet Eris and the Sun. Therefore, the observation of this planet will be easier because its appearance will be clearer.

As we enter October, there will be a series of spatial phenomena awaiting. One of these that is classified as very rare is the appearance of Eris.

Eris is the smallest planet in the Solar System. This planet is also much smaller than Pluto.

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Get to know the dwarf planet Eris

The size of the planets in the Solar System is certainly very varied. If the example of a giant planet in the Solar System is Jupiter, then the smallest planet is Eris.

Yes, since astronomers discovered the existence of Eris around 2005, Pluto has lost the nickname of the smallest planet in the Solar System.

In reality, the size of Eris is the same as that of Pluto. They also took the time to consider whether Eris could be the 10th planet in the Solar System or not.

However, astronomers finally decided to give Eris the nickname of a dwarf planet and downgraded Pluto’s status in 2006.

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Phenomenon of the planet Eris in October

So far, astronomers have conducted research on the planet Eris using the help of advanced space telescopes. The distance of this planet is actually quite far from Earth.

However, in October 2022, an unusual phenomenon will occur. Eris will be seen close enough from Earth.

Being a dwarf planet, Eris will orbit the Sun once every 559 years. When that happens, the Earth will be between Eris and the Sun.

For information, Eris has a large reflective surface. This makes the planet Eris the second brightest large object in the Solar System after Saturn’s moon Enceladus.

Hence, this planet will appear on Earth. The phenomenon of the planet Eris will occur on October 18, 2022.

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Where is the planet Eris located?

Like most of the dwarf planets that have been identified, Eris is located in the Kuiper belt. The Kuiper Belt surrounds the outer solar system.

However, the planet Eris is further away from Pluto. Therefore, their trajectory to surround the Sun is also 3 times further away.

As mentioned above, the planet takes 559 to 561 years to travel around the Sun. Although Eris rotates once every 25 hours, the length of the day is very similar to that of a day on Earth.

Interestingly, despite its small size, the planet Eris also has a moon. The moon is called dysnomy. It was found not long after Eris’s discovery.

October 18th is a historic day because Eris is at its closest approach to Earth and the Sun. Its reflective surface will allow you to see the dwarf planet Eris quite clearly. Do not lose! (R10 / HR-Online)

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