ducks over five weeks old will be able to find the outdoors

By Yoann Boffo
Posted on 05/17/2022 at 10:20 a.m.

In a letter sent to the Department on May 13, the Minister of Agriculture announced the drafting of “a technical instruction” to this effect. The Modef and the elected officials of the Landes have been asking for it for several weeks

Ducks should soon roam freely again on the outdoor courses of the Landes. A first since the fall and the entry into the risk period for the avian influenza virus. Julien Denormandie announces it in a letter in response to the mail of four elected Landes. In this letter dated May 13, the Minister of Agriculture announces the forthcoming implementation of a derogation from sheltering for foie gras palmipeds over five weeks old.

A “technical instruction” to this effect is being drafted by the Directorate General for Food. It is justified, according to the Minister, by “the number of poultry in commercial farms in reduced quantities, the increase in outside temperatures and the movement of animals restricted in regulated areas”.

In addition to elected officials, the Movement for the Defense of Family Farmers (Modef) has also been mobilizing for several weeks to demand the end of compulsory sheltering. The union notably advanced the question of animal welfare at a time of high heat and the low risk of contamination. Ducklings are available in dribs and drabs. All breeders have not yet been able to put back in place. And the viral load usually goes down on sunny days. A new step towards a return to normal, almost six months after the start of the epizootic and after the slaughter of 16 million poultry in France.

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