Driving ban to the riding arena at the Töss – TOP ONLINE

In an interview with TELE TOP, the landlord from the restaurant to the Reiterplatz talks about the driving ban and how badly he is affected by it.


Motor vehicles will be banned from driving on Reitplatzstrasse from the Tössbrücke in Winterthur from July 1st. The city recommends that anyone who wants to go to the Töss for a swim or a barbecue should go there by bike or on foot.

In the Reitplatzstrasse area, there are always chaotic traffic situations due to illegally parked vehicles and high traffic volumes, the city justifies the decision in a statement. In particular, passage for rescue vehicles is often no longer guaranteed.

There are exceptions for those entitled to FC Töss and visitors to the restaurant. The driving ban is an attempt and limited to one year.

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