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Dresden has Germany’s first corona rapid test pharmacy

22.12.2020 14:47 22.581

Dresden has Germany’s first corona rapid test pharmacy

Germany’s first corona rapid test pharmacy is in Dresden: specialist staff from the train station pharmacy will test you there from Tuesday.

Dr. Katja Scarlett Daub (48), owner of the City-Apotheke, not only has FFP2 masks in her range, but also antigen rapid tests from now on in the branch at Dresden Central Station. © Steffen Füssel

The train station pharmacy in Dresden Central Station will offer rapid antigen tests in the future. It is one of three branches of the CITY pharmacies in Dresden.

The owner, Dr. Katja Scarlett Daub, is responding to an appeal by the Saxon Pharmacists’ Association, the Saxon State Chamber of Pharmacists and Saxony’s Minister of Social Affairs Petra Köpping (62, SPD).

On Monday, the official approval came from the Federal Chamber of Pharmacists in coordination with the Federal Ministry of Health.

“The main reason to speak up immediately is the frequent, almost desperate demand to offer corona tests. One example was an elderly lady visiting the train station pharmacy on Monday,” says Dr. Daub.

“Your daughter and grandchild just called the lady from the train. They were told by phone that a few days ago they had first contact with a person who tested positive for Corona.”

And further: “The lady didn’t know what to do next and asked us for help: Should she now receive the two of them in her apartment or do they have to go to the hotel? Or even back to Berlin by train? On Monday we were able to arrange a test with it someone took the advice from us. But from this Tuesday, 7 pm, we will do it ourselves on site at Dresden Central Station. Medical instruction has taken place. Now we can start carrying out so-called antigen rapid tests. “

The result, which according to Daub is “meaningful”, is what you have after 15 to 30 minutes.

If you want to be tested, you can do so from Tuesday (December 22nd), it starts at 7 p.m. If you don’t want to wait forever: Unter www.city-apotheken-dresden.de you can reserve an appointment online. Appointments can be made at short notice by telephone (0351/26731960).

Note: You currently have to pay for the rapid antigen test yourself, costs: 45 euros.

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