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Dramatic 3-3 between Barcelona and Inter, the Catalans are on the verge of elimination from the Champions League

In the opening match of the Champions League match on Tuesday, Napoli also beat Ajax at home, beaten six times in Amsterdam last week. The Azzurri double in the first quarter of an hour, scoring first Lozano and then Raspadori. The Italians maintained this difference until the end of the 90 ‘. Ajax only had flare-ups and could not control the game.

The statistics of Napoli CL are impressive, with 12 maximum points collected in 4 rounds with 17 goals. Luciano Spalletti’s team has already advanced and Ajax will have to fight Liverpool for the place behind them. Pool, who suffered in the English league, was at a disadvantage on the Glasgow Rangers pitch, and ultimately did not stop by seven goals.

The other surprise team in this year’s BL competition, Belgian Bruges, are no longer flawless, because after three wins they finished 0-0 as a guest of Atlético Madrid, but in the four games they scored 7 goals and failed to immediately single, thus securing their place in the knockout stage.

The match of the day was played in Barcelona, ​​where the home team faced Inter under pressure to win. The Catalans took the lead at the end of the first half with Dembele’s goal, but in the second half the Azzurri overturned the situation in a tight quarter of an hour. First Barella finds the goal – he shoots well behind the defense – and then Lautaro Martinez’s ball hits both posts and ends up behind the goal line. At 82 ‘Lewandowski equalized, his attempt bounces off Bastonin and goes to the net.

Barcelona put everything on the line in attack, had a chance for the third goal, meanwhile the defense opened, Lautaro tamed a kick in the 90 ‘, put it between two men and Gosens bombed the left wing of the goal. Less than two minutes had passed when Lewandowski nodded at the door. Inter have a chance for the fourth goal, but in its place is Ter Stegen who parried brilliantly. At 3-3, Barcelona’s chances were significantly reduced, but they remained.

The group: Rangers – Liverpool 1-7 (1-1), Naples – Ajax (Netherlands) 4-2 (2-0)
The classification: 1. (Napoli 12 points, 2. Liverpool 9, 3. Ajax 3, 4. Rangers 1
Group B: Leverkusen – Porto 0-3 (0-1) Atletico Madrid – Brugge 0-0
The classification: 1. Bruges 10 points, 2. Porto 6, 3. Atlético 4, 4. Leverkusen 3
Group C: Barcelona 3-3 International (1-0), Plzen 2-4 Bayern Munich (0-4)
The classification: 1. Bayern Munich 12 points, 2. International 7, 3. Barcelona 4, 4. Plzen 0
Group D: Tottenham – Frankfurt 3-2 (3-1), Sporting – Marseille (France) 0-2 (0-2)
The classification: Tottenham 7 points, 2. Marseille 6 (6-4), 3. Sporting CP 6 (6-6), 4 Frankfurt 4

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