Dr. Prasit reveals good news that Samut Sakhon governors can walk and rest to recover muscles.

March 1, 2021, 8:08 p.m.

Dr. Prasit updates the symptoms of Mr. Weerasak. Wichit Sangsri Samutsakorn Governor Walk by yourself It remains only to build muscle. Prepare for immunology To consider whether to be vaccinated against COVID or not.

On March 1, 2021 Prof. Dr. Prasit Wattanapa, Dean of Faculty of Medicine Siriraj Hospital Progressively revealed symptoms of Mr. Weerasak Wichit Sangsri Samut Sakhon’s governor said he was now able to walk without a walker. The lungs can breathe like most people. It speaks and eats itself without a pipe on the throat. Now it is only physical to build muscle back. After 42 days of sleep, the muscles felt down.

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Prof. Dr. Prasit said the governor had to get the COVID-19 vaccine or not, so he had to wait and see the results of the immunization test. Which is preparing for examination in 1-2 days if the immune system is very high, it is not necessary to inject But there is still no clear information But as far as it appears, it can last 7 months.

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