Dr. Jub, running for Kanchanaburi District 1, remains resilient and determined, steadfastly advocating for his party despite facing numerous obstacles.

“Dr. Jub”, the candidate for Kanchanaburi MPs, District 1, rushed to campaign continuously, pointing out that he was forced to move the party the most, but did not give up on the side of “Sakda”, the candidate for the district 4 Open forum for a small speech, raising the policy of the area.

On March 20, at Ban Ladya Morning Market, Muang District, Kanchanaburi Province, Dr. Worasuda Sukharom or Dr. Jub as candidate MP Kanchanaburi, Region 1, Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party (RTC) by Dr. Jub is the daughter of Lieutenant Colonel Dr. Decha Sukharom, a former MP for Kanchanaburi 6 times, former Minister of the Ministry of University and former Deputy Minister. Public Health with a team walking in the morning market in Lat Ya Subdistrict to meet with the merchants and people who come to buy food by handing out self-introduction cards which was warmly welcomed Each said that the real one was more beautiful than in the card that introduced himself, causing Dr. Kiss to smile with the compliment this time. along with informing that after getting the number, he will meet again Please leave yourself to serve one of the people’s brothers and sisters.

Dr. Chub said must admit that this round of elections Kiss moved the party the most but believes that the kissing point is Dr. Kiss of the people’s brothers and sisters. is ourselves after the dissolution of the party (Thai Raksa Chart) came and never stopped going to the area. and we have constantly looked at the local political situation. in national elections Candidates who are unable to walk by themselves like local politics Must belong to a political party

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last year Most of Kanchanaburi’s brothers and sisters know that we belong to a political party. and has always walked in this party shirt but in the end must be disappointed for some reason Kiss took a long time to make a decision. whether to continue or this is enough Many political parties contacted take the opportunity and many other adults in the province have offered good things come with a kiss as well But Jub wants to stick to what we have always done. We are part of the community. And listen to problems in every area that we have been to.

Today we are considered very ready. Ready to go to work and serve the people’s brothers and sisters. Kiss, let me focus on the word used. We want to be proactive. with the area and the people of Kanchanaburi Let’s have a consistent idea. We can work for the benefit of the people’s brothers and sisters. In the end, the results of the election depend only on the people, ”said Dr. Worasuda Sukharom or Dr. Joop.

Reporters reported that On the evening of yesterday (March 19, ’23), Mr. Sakda Wichiansilp, former director-general of the Department of Groundwater Resources candidate MPs of Kanchanaburi, Pheu Thai Party (Wor.Por.) Region 4, opened a small speech stage in the area of ​​Moo 3, Wang Phai Sub-district, Huai Krachao District, Kanchanaburi Province, with local leaders in Huai Krachao District and Lao Khwan joining. and take turns on stage There were more than 3,000 people from Wang Phai Sub-district of all genders and ages from 11 villages dressed in red shirts to listen to the speech, making the atmosphere lively. For this talk it took about 2 hours to complete.

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In this regard, Mr. Sakda Wichiensil said about the policy of the Pheu Thai Party. Especially in the past, agricultural and livestock products were cheap. The wages are low. And it also talks about energy such as oil and LPG being expensive. If the Pheu Thai Party returns to government, it will push for better prices for agricultural products and livestock. As for energy, the price will decrease. Including wages must be 600 baht per day by the year 2027 and the drug suppression policy As the Pheu Thai Party has already announced

For problems that cause agricultural products to be low. Because we cannot export products to foreign countries. The United States and the EU only trade with democratic countries. which foreigners see that Thailand is a dictatorship country Because there is a soldier as Prime Minister

In the next three months, if the Pheu Thai Party comes into government The Pheu Thai Party will be a democratic elected government that the world accepts. At that time, agricultural products and others can be exported to sell abroad conveniently

and in addition, Mr. Sakda Wichiensilp also raised a policy on groundwater. including groundwater agricultural water that from now on, if the Pheu Thai Party becomes the government People across the country will be able to use groundwater for free. And the country’s economy will definitely improve.

It is reported that Kanchanaburi Province (Using only Thai citizens) The number of citizens is 816,803, the average number per 1 MP in Kanchanaburi Province. Equal to an average of 163,360 people, resulting in the campaign of some potential candidates may encounter obstacles because the Central Election Commission has arranged 5 new areas and considered choosing the 5th format, thus affecting the campaign. Because many candidates have been in the same election area for a long time.

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For the 5th form, the area consists of Constituency No. 1 has 1. Mueang Kanchanaburi District (except Ban Kao Subdistrict) 2. Bo Phloi District (Only Nong Kum Subdistrict) Constituency 2 has 1. Tha Muang District 2. Dan Makham Tia District 3. Phanom Thuan District (only in Nong Rong subdistrict, Thung Samo subdistrict, Don Chedi subdistrict Nong Sarai Subdistrict) Constituency No. 3 has 1. Tha Maka District 2. Phanom Thuan District (except Nong Rong Subdistrict, Thung Samo Subdistrict, Don Chedi Subdistrict Nong Sarai Subdistrict The 4th constituency has 1. Lao Khwan District 2. Huai Krachao District 3.Bo Phloi District (Except Nong Kum Subdistrict) 4. Nong Prue District Constituency No. 5 has 1. Thong Pha Phum District 2. Sangkhlaburi District 3. Troyok District 4. Si Sawat District 5. Mueang Kanchanaburi District (Only Ban Kao Subdistrict)

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