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Download Minecraft 1.20 for free, the original version 2023, the new version for iPhone and Android

The spread of mobile and computer games is increasing day by day among all segments of society, especially the Minecraft game because it is one of the exciting and interesting video games that makes you feel that you are on an adventure with many people all over the world, and news has circulated about downloading Minecraft 1.20 for free 2023 and the presence of many Among the new additions are the cherry tree, smurfs, and others.

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It is a game that was developed in 2009 by Pearson in the Java language, and he is now called Notch, and he created and developed his own company for games and called it Mojang. It became his property in 2014 and this game won admiration all over the world and was characterized by many features such as building and playing in a group and confrontation And discovery, and we review the most prominent additions to the new update for the Minecraft game after the development of downloading the Minecraft game version 1.18, and here are the most prominent additions in the new updates.

Add-ons for Minecraft 1.2

The game has developed and many new details have entered it, which give its players enthusiasm and excitement within the game, and among these updates:

  • Cherry trees: Cherry seedlings are collected and distributed to me wherever you put them, while using branches and wood to make a banner with some words written on it.
  • Romance section: This is an area in the game where there are many gifts such as video tapes, heart-shaped cakes, and boxes with tools for making gifts.
  • Smurfs creatures: Smurfs appear in the new Minecraft 2023 download, and despite the extinction of these smurfs in the game, you can bring them back with the help of eggs so that they hatch and give smurfs.
  • Minecraft archeology: It is characterized by the presence of suspicious sand which is obtained by using a brush to reveal it.

Minecraft update 1.2

The way to play now in the Minecraft update differs from the rest of the versions, as there are new forms available in it, and they are characterized as difficult and do not generalize to the rest of the forms, and the weapons must be suitable for the game mode, and the most important of these modes are:

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