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Double the “blue zone” in Sofia – Society – Bulgaria – NOVA News

The “blue zone” in Sofia is being doubled. It is also planned to increase the “green” by over 500 seats. The proposals will be submitted for voting in the Sofia Municipal Council within a month. There is also an idea to extend the “blue zone” by half an hour – until 20 o’clock in the evening. Currently in Sofia there are about 6000 places that are in the “blue zone”. However, they are planned to become 13,000 in a few months. This will be possible after a large part of the “green zone” turns blue, ie. twice as expensive – from 1 to 2 levs. At the same time, it is planned to tighten the control in the slums for improper parking.

They plan to expand the scope of the “blue” and “green” zone in Sofia

Alexander Stamboliyski Boulevard in the early afternoon – parking lots, “reserved” with beer crates, cars left on emergency lights in the middle of the road. And Valentino, who could barely find a place to stop.

“I live abroad and it’s very different there. I am currently waiting for my grandmother, who is at the National Social Security Institute. In principle, such institutions also have parking lots where people can stop, ”said Valentino Kalinov.

Due to the influx of people and cars in a green area close to blue, as in Stamboliyski, importers are pushing for more expensive parking. “Where there is significant pressure from cars, this makes it very difficult for residents to find parking spaces,” said Zafir Zarkov, municipal councilor, Sofia Municipal Council.

Sidewalk in Sofia turned out to be a yard of a cooperative and a “green zone”

It is about a total of 7,000 parking spaces in the areas of Oborishte, Vazrazhdane and Sredets. And more of the proposals – to abolish the free business subscription for institutions, and for everyone else to have such an opportunity until 22.30 in the evening and on weekends. Where necessary, there will be places for deliveries to retail outlets.

“It will happen again by sending an SMS within 30 minutes,” Zarkov said.

The news is good for the industry – because there will be easier parking spaces. Against this background – the Center for Urban Mobility plans to tighten the control for improper parking not only in the paid areas, but also in the suburbs.

“We are currently training our controllers. Mobile teams of two inspectors with cars to be able to tour areas in the city. We have divided the whole city into 9 districts and in each of them there will be one team every day “, said Rumyana Milova, head of” Parking and Mobility “, CGM.

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