Doping: decision on Russia in March 2023, no sanctions for Kenya

The World Athletics Council will decide on Russia’s doping-related reinstatement in March 2023. Suspended since November 2015 following a major doping scandal, the Russian Athletics Federation could be reinstated in March 2023, when the task force in charge of assessing its progress in the fight against doping will present its final report to the World Athletics Council. However, the decision will not have “no impact“on the suspension of Russian and Belarusian athletes linked to the war in Ukraine”.The distinction is clear“, insisted the president of the institution Sebastian Coe during a press conference.

There are still some issues to be resolved by March, we sincerely hope that everything will be resolved“, explained the head of the task force, Rune Andersen, who welcomed the”cultural change“and the practices of”good governanceUndermined by more than 25 doping cases in 2022, Kenya has also escaped sanctions, with Sebastian Coe unveiling a promise from the Kenyan government to invest five million dollars a year over five years to fund anti-doping (test , personnel, investigations).


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The return of trust in the system will be long

The Athletics Integrity Unit (AIU) continues to work hand in hand with the Kenya Federation” on the anti-doping aspect, added Mr. Coe. “The return of trust in the system will take a long time, but all actors, local and international, are aligned to solve this problem.”

Kenya has been classified since 2016 as category A (most at risk) in the watch list of the World Athletics and Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). Among the sanctioned athletes in 2022 are Diana Kipyokei, winner of the 2021 Boston Marathon, and Mark Kangogo, an all-time winner of the famed Sierre-Zinal course in August. The International Athletics Federation has also entrusted the Bahamas with the organization of the 2024 World Relays, which will qualify for the Paris-2024 Olympic Games.

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