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“Don’t mess with Patricia!”

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Patricia Kelly hands out: In a funny video, the pop singer shows her fighting skills – the former Kelly Family bodyguard Ingo Mertens has to serve for this (photo montage) © Screenshot/Instagram/Patricia Kelly

Patricia Kelly shares: In a funny video, the pop singer meets the former bodyguard of the Kelly Family. The 52-year-old is unusually combative!

Cologne – To ensure a good mood on social networks, Patricia Kelly likes to use unusual means: after her foot injury, which she suffered after falling down the stairs, the pop singer took her Instagram followers with her healing process and proved despite her temporary Handicap humor. The 52-year-old’s foot seems to have healed well – so well that the Kelly Family celebrity is even showing off her martial arts!

Patricia Kelly meets former Kelly Family bodyguard – hit star challenges him to a fun fight

Patricia Kelly is currently traveling in Cologne and not only met dozens of enthusiastic fans, with whom the pop singer was happy to be photographed, but also the former Kelly Family bodyguard Ingo Mertens. With his security service, he not only looked after the extended musical family, but also superstars such as Herbert Grönemeyer, Depeche Mode or Luciano Pavarotti – nevertheless, the martial artist remained down to earth and apparently up for everyone’s fun.

In any case, the joy of seeing Patricia Kelly again seems to be huge. The 52-year-old can even show the bodyguard that she knows how to defend herself: “Don’t mess with Patricia,” the pop singer warns him for fun under a joint video in which the two show a funny show fight. The clip is underlaid with Carl Douglas’ legendary number one hit “Kung Fu Fighting” and matching sound effects.

Patricia Kelly will soon be seen in the Kelly Family documentary – does the hit star shoot with a bodyguard in Cologne?

In the past few weeks, Patricia Kelly and her siblings have repeatedly shot for a Kelly Family documentary that is to be broadcast on RTL2 in the not too distant future. It is unclear whether the pop singer was on the road with bodyguard Ingo Mertens for further filming, but it is likely. As a former bodyguard for the famous Folk family, he could also have his say in the documentary.

On Instagram, the 52-year-old appeared with the security guard at the Deutzer shipyard in Cologne, where the long-standing Kelly Family houseboat is currently anchored. A few days ago, the pop singer visited the famous ship – actually for the documentary shoot! Patricia Kelly also wowed visitors with clogs and traditional costume during a recent visit to the Netherlands. Sources used: instagram.com/patriciakelly.official, specsec.de/die-geschichte-history

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