Donia Batma caught her husband cheating on her … and reveals the girl’s name and threatens her

The crisis of rupture is back The Moroccan singer Donia Batma Her husband to be swapped again, after revealing that he seized the productFor Bahrain Mohammed Al-Turk In the act of betraying her with one of the girls, she turned to the security authorities in Marrakech, where she filed a complaint against him.

The controversial artist filed a complaint with the Marrakech security state against her husband, Mohamed Al-Turk, on charges of “marital infidelity,” after catching him in flagrant crime and infidelity, according to local newspaper Hespress, on Saturday.

In addition, the young artist surprised her followers by revealing the name of the girl with whom her husband cheated on her, and the girl also threatened to post a photo of her national card, and it turned out that her name was “Wisal “, apparently .

Donia Batma’s posts on her Instagram story

Donia Batma also threatened the girl to publish a photo of her national card if she did not return the gifts that had been given to her by the Turks. Because she belongs to her, saying, “And if possible, my perfume is a red line, because it is expensive for you, so that we don’t lose any, and whoever brought you will be responsible for you.”

She added: “My gold anklets, 24-karat Boadicea perfume and an LV bag. If you don’t come back, I’ll consider it a steal.”

He also added in another post: “I met you and Wesal, dear you, the adventures, but you fell into an adventure, Star, Hafeez”, noting that he is waiting for the authorities to take their rights.

Without title

Without title

And he went on with another mysterious post, “Rania’s Coffee Has Arrived”, apparently referring to the place where he kidnapped them.

The pioneers of social networking sites have suggested that “Wisal” is the name of the girl whose husband, Muhammad al-Turk, is dating.

Rumors … and denials

Interestingly, Al-Turk had already tried to resolve the crisis that arose between him and Donia Batma with a message, but then confirmed the separation on September 1 last year.

He said that his marriage to Donia Batma lasted ten years, during which they overcame many obstacles and problems, noting that this time they came from close people who spread rumors that led to the separation of the duo, denying his betrayal.

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