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Domien Loubry one more year at Kangaroos Mechelen: “I am still in love with the game”

Together with coach and fellow citizen Tony Van den Bosch, who coached him at various teams.© BELGIUM

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Domien Loubry (39) is not thinking about giving up yet. The Antwerp guard will play for one more year at Kangaroos Mechelen. “I’m still in love with the game,” says Domien Loubry.

In 2003, Domien Loubry celebrated his debut at the highest level at the age of 18, then at Racing Basket Antwerpen, the current Antwerp Giants. After a year in Bergen op Zoom (Netherlands), three seasons followed at Optima Gent. After that, there was no more interest in the flamboyant and attractive Antwerp guard. He then returned to youth club Gembo in the second division, won them the title, and played again in the picture and secured a transfer to Brussels (2013-2020).

Then followed a transfer to Kangaroos Mechelen, where he has shined for four seasons and propelled the Mechelen team to the title final in 2022. Domien Loubry, who is still good for an average of 10 points and 5 assists this campaign, has already announced his retirement from professional basketball several times. “However, I am still in love with the game and as long as I feel good, do not have to suffer any major injuries and have the support of my wife Zoë (Van Gastel, ed.) I continue. I also feel good at Kangaroos. That is why we moved to Mechelen a while ago,” says Loubry.

Loubry will certainly remain active at Kangaroos until he is 40. In mid-September he will start his 21st campaign in the first division, the twentieth of which will be in Belgium.

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