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Dolores Díaz, mother of Paz Padilla, dies at 91 | People

Dolores Diaz, mother of Paz Padilla, has died this Monday at the age of 91 old at the Puerta del Mar hospital in Cádiz. Known as Lola, she had been admitted to the hospital for a few weeks after breaking her hip due to an accident, operating a few days ago.

The presenter of ‘Salvame’ had been absent from the set to be next to her mother. Lola and Paz had shown a great connection, in fact, the presenter has always boasted of their humble origins and how their mother strove to give them a happy childhood, just like the rest of the children. Paz Padilla could not help but get excited when her mother surprised her directly to congratulate her after announcing that she would present the Telecinco Bells, a news item that Lola received with great pride seeing how her daughter was saying goodbye the year before she died.

Bad news that adds to that of the death of Fran Álvarez, Belén Esteban’s first husband, last Sunday. The body of the ex of the collaborator of the program presented by Paz Padilla herself was found dead at her home in Madrid. This was announced by the journalist Aurelio Manzano, who was in charge of confirming the news on the ‘Viva la vida’ program.

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