Does Apple introduce a touch-screen MacBook Pro?

And for a company that has made it clear that touch is better on a product like the iPad, a touchscreen MacBook would be a big change, but don’t expect a huge departure from Apple’s traditional laptop design, and the so-called touchscreen MacBook Pro will likely remain. macOS includes a standard keyboard and trackpad, but similar to Windows laptops and 2-in-1s.

The report says Apple may expand touch input to other Mac models over time, but it doesn’t currently plan to bring macOS and iPadOS together.

In addition, the report reiterates that Apple is converting its Mac screens to OLED as part of an overhaul of the MacBook Pro. Existing Macs have LCD screens, while iPhones (excluding iPhone SE) and Apple Watches use OLED screens.

Apple launched the Touch Bar in 2016 as half a measure of the full touch screen capabilities on MacBooks. The bar above the keyboard included system and in-app shortcuts, spelling suggestions, and other touch-friendly inputs, but it was never accepted by developers or Apple’s most loyal customers. , and removed from the redesigned Apple MacBook Pro 2021.

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