Doddy Unable to Pay for Children’s Needs, Puput Steady Closes the Referral Door

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Doddy Sudrajat and Puput officially divorced. This decision was handed down by the panel of judges in a verstek manner at the Central Jakarta Religious Court, Monday (11/4).

The reason the panel of judges decided verstek was because Doddy was never present at the trial. Doddy’s party was actually scheduled to appear in court as a witness today, but his party did not come.

“So we directly submitted witnesses and we asked for the Verstek decision. So the decision has been made,” said Halim Perdana Kusuma as Puput’s lawyer when he was met after the trial.

“We conveyed the conclusion verbally. At that time, the verstek was immediately decided,” he added.

Even though he has been divorced, Doddy still has 14 days if he wants to oppose the decision.

“Yes, we will wait for 14 days from the defendant. Now it has been decided, given 14 days if you want to fight. We are waiting for Mr. Doddy’s side,” he said.

As for the child’s livelihood, it is said that Doddy Sudrajat is unable to provide a living of Rp. 10 million as Puput wants.

The judge of the Central Jakarta Religious Court did not grant Puput’s wish regarding the cost of the child because Doddy was not present at the divorce trial.

Meanwhile, when asked about reconciliation, Halim Perdana Kusuma confirmed that his client had decided to separate from Doddy.

“If you reconcile, no, no. No one (want to reconcile) except God (who decides). Only if Mbak Puput herself doesn’t want that. I’m sure she has made up her mind to separate,” he said.


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