Do You Know the History of Sports? A True Fan’s Test

Only true sports fans will be able to answer all questions correctly.

The first Olympic Games took place in 776 BC. A long time ago, right? It is difficult to imagine what a long history certain sports disciplines have. It is curious that along with sports, the tracksuit also changed. In antiquity, athletes generally performed in what their mother gave birth – except that they rubbed themselves with olive oil before the start of the competition. By the way, until the 4th century BC, participation in the Olympic Games was the privilege of men, not only as participants, but also as spectators. Only in the century mentioned above, the fair sex was also allowed to compete, but, of course, the costume of ancient athletes was more chaste. Frescoes have been preserved, which depict representatives of various sports, dressed in something similar to bathing suits or a toga. In the future, the tracksuit has undergone many changes, and the foundations of what we wear now originated in the last century.

Want to know how well you know the history of sports? Can you answer all the questions correctly? For those who know well what determination, the will to win and competitive spirit are, we have prepared a special test.

2023-06-01 04:15:00

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