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PRAGUE Sentu chairman Milo Vystril (ODS) and Prime Minister Andrei Babi (YES) agreed to set up working groups to prepare for cooperation with Taiwan. Monost is the passage of a Taiwanese investment group, bank or zzen pm line between Taipei and Prague.

He shot it one by one, represented by Deputy Prime Minister Karel Havlek (for YES), Foreign Minister Tom Petek (SSD) and Sentoi Tom Gol (Sentor 21) and Lumr Kantor (KDU-SL).

f He visited Sentu at the end of August and west. After the return, he said that Babie and some ministers would want to get acquainted with the details that Taiwan offers Czech. The day of about fifty minutes of the meeting was held online.

We discussed the issues that proved useful and beneficial for the Czech Republic during one in Taiwan. It concerned the possible transfer of Taiwanese investments to the Czech Republic, especially in the production of electrical and electronic equipment, said Vystril. According to him, the Czech Republic could become a distribution city for these devices.

One of the themes was the interest of the Taiwanese bank to establish a branch in the Czech Republic. During Vystrilov’s invasion of Taiwan, the financial condition of the Taiwan Cooperative Bank showed its interest in entering the Czech banking market. Politicians also talked about scientific and technical cooperation in the field of research and innovation and about the possibility of zzen pm airline between Prague and Taipei.

We discussed how to administer the gift of five lines for the production of pipes so that they can work as soon as possible, added Vystril. Autoland Technology wants to donate the lines. f Sentu informed the government representative about the possibility of investment in the Czech Republic, which I am interested in Taiwanese investment company.

We agreed that working groups will be created, which will process the individual issues more specifically, said Vystril. One of the groups was formed by Gol with sentor Pavel Fischer (independent), Minister Havlek and Czech Foreign Minister Martin Tlapa. It will be important to deal with economic issues, such as the possibility of investment or the establishment of a bank branch.

He fired one sound very rationally. It seemed to me that the interest was not just a front page, but a fact, he remarked. He added that it is a long way to go to make Taiwan’s variability variable in specific projects. I don’t want to judge you if it works or not. It remains to be seen, he added.

Babi Vystrila repeatedly criticized her for the trip to Taiwan, she was not recommended or given by the state official. Oste thus objected to them, which Taiwan considers its rebellious province. Vystril, on the other hand, found opposition in some European countries and the USA.

After the return of the sent delegation led by Vystril, the Prime Minister said that he would worry about the economic results of the trip to Taiwan. He hopes that he will not react negatively to the Czech company. He also promised that the government would support any trade issues that Vystril brewed from Taiwan.

A shot to Taiwan was accompanied by a team of 40 representatives of medium and small Czech companies. Analysts in connection with Taiwan talk about the change of so-called supply chains in some companies under the pressure of trade wolves between it and the United States and in connection with the coronavirus crisis, when a number of countries were dependent on imports of protective equipment from it. jinch st world. According to them, the Czech Republic could gain billions in investments.

Nov investor

The Taiwanese investment company Ji fu Investments is ready to join the Czech Republic, and the company in development projects said one representative of Sent and the government sentor Tom Gol (Sentor 21). According to him, Prime Minister Andrej Babi changed the possibility of forcing this investor to build a teaching hospital in Prague. The construction would be paid for by an investment group and the company would rent the hospital.

According to Goln, Ji fu is a Taiwanese company from Franklin Templeton. They are ready to invest immediately in Central and Central Europe. It is signed by a memorandum for Hungary, where they have some development projects, ekl.

According to him, the company creates development projects to order. According to Goln, a specific investor will tell you how much production and office space he needs, and he will build them. Don’t do it like developei u ns, e nco characters and just sell it out. Work on the order of Taiwanese investors, he noted.

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