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Dizziness should not be underestimated because you may have this disease

An attack of dizziness is often underestimated. It is thought of a drop in pressure or a simple inflammation of the ear. Instead, you have to pay attention to these symptoms to understand if you suffer from this disease.

Dizziness should not be underestimated because you may have this disease

The disease in question is vestibular neuronitis. In the pre-antibiotic era, all serious ear inflammations were called “Labyrinthitis”. Instead, with the progress of medical science, a pathology that is difficult to diagnose has finally been given a name.

Yes, because vestibular neuronitis can present itself differently in patients. With only one very heavy attack of vertigo combined with vomiting. Or with multiple episodes spread over a period of months.

But in fact it is an inflammation of the vestibular nerve, the branch of the 8th nerve of the skull that helps to control balance.

What is it about

The origins of this disease are still unclear. The experts they are very divided about it. But the most common hypothesis is that it is a viral infection, that is, caused by a virus. It is very important to go to a specialist, an otolaryngologist who will be able to make a complete diagnosis. In fact, first of all we need to distinguish Neuronite from Labyrinthitis. If there is no tinnitus or general hearing problems, it is usually Neuronitis.

Although it is a debilitating disease, it is not a malignant type. It is treated with manipulations of the neck and head made by the specialist. And with a treatment to relieve dizziness and vomiting. So it is possible that the doctor prescribes multiple medications to be taken for at least 30 days.

This is because even if the episode is unique, the feeling of dizziness can last for weeks.

Therefore, dizziness should not be underestimated because you could have this disease of unknown origins. Consulting your doctor is very important. So you can rule out that it is a plug of earwax or something more serious.

(We remind you to carefully read the warnings in this regard, which can be consulted who”)

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