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Distinctive Assets Creates Luxury Nominee Gift Bags for 2024 Academy Awards

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2024 Academy Awards: What to Expect at the Star-Studded Event

The 2024 Academy Awards will be held on Sunday, March 10, in Los Angeles as stars from this past year’s biggest films hope for a gold statue.

Everyone Wins – Exclusive Nominee Gift Bags

The “Everyone Wins” nominee gift bags will be given to all nominees on the special night — including Carey Mulligan, Sterling K. Brown, Mark Ruffalo, and more. The brand behind the iconic swag bag is Distinctive Assets, an Los Angeles-based entertainment marketing company that has been putting together items for stars for decades.

Gift Bag Creator Shares Insights

Lash Fary, CEO of Distinctive Assets — who also put together the 2024 Grammys gift bag — spoke with our publication last month about creating the unique gifts.

Continued Success and Recognition

Fary, who is “humbled” that the luxury collection of gifts continues to gain attention, stated, “While our gifts may be famous for being fun, fabulous, and unique, they also serve to elevate small businesses, minority-owned brands, female entrepreneurs, and companies who give back.”

Extravagant with a Purpose

Some items in the bag this year are truly extravagant. Notable brands included in the gifts are Miage skincare, 1MD Nutrition, Auro Wellness, BlendQuik, Poppi, Shinery, Wesper’s, among others.

Shining a Spotlight

Lash Fary highlighted that each gift presented is aimed at celebrating the invaluable stardust each nominee can bestow upon a brand. “Just as an A-list actor doesn’t ‘need’ millions of dollars to walk onto a film set, these gifts are given based on that invaluable stardust,” he remarks.

Opulent Luxuries and Small Businesses

Fary emphasized the importance of highlighting these gifts’ ability to showcase small businesses and elevate emerging and diverse brands. Wallis Annenberg GenSpace, one of the brands included, added meaningful notes for nominees to share with others who have left a positive mark on their lives.

chalet in Switzerland

Exclusive Experience and Recognition

The gift bag also includes exceptional experiences, such as an all-inclusive stay at a Swiss chalet for up to 10 guests, a seven-day holistic wellness retreat, and a three-night stay at a private villa in St. Barth’s.

silk pillowcases

Beyond the Extravagance

Although the gifting is worth six figures, Fary stated that the focus and goal were not the monetary value, but rather the immeasurable worth that these gifts hold for the nominees and the added exposure it provides for the brands.

96th Academy Awards

With the 96th Academy Awards just around the corner, excitement is building to see which films, actors, and creative talents will emerge as winners on that grand night.

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