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“Discover the “Terre de Camargue” exhibition at Maison de Ma Région in Nîmes until June 16th”

An exhibition to discover at the Maison de Ma Région in Nîmes until June 16th.

The House of My Region of Nîmes organizes, on the occasion of the Pentecost feria – but the thing will remain visible longer -, an exhibition of paintings and sculptures entitled “Terre de Camargue”. It is proposed by Marc Guyot and Arnaud Chabanon.

At the Maison de Ma Région in Nîmes (Photo Anthony Maurin).

Free and open every day except weekends (and public holidays), during the opening hours of the Maison de ma Région, 3 place des arènes, the public will find landscapes, bulls, horses, festive environment, in short, as much inspirational patterns.

(Photo Anthony Maurin).

It must be said that Marc Guyot and Arnaud Chabanon live and create in the Camargue, a privilege for visual artists who here invite you to enter the universe of the delta and its customs by offering you a dialogue between paintings and sculptures which will guide you towards their imaginary. The common objective of their expression is to promote the Camargue and its traditions in a spirit of openness and sharing.

(Photo Anthony Maurin).

Marc Guyot lives and paints in Marsillargues. Creating in the heart of a land of the south and of aficion is an appreciable one because the subjects are necessarily marked and not very bland. Especially for a plastic surgeon! Unlike painters who come from the north to battle with the midday light, he keeps for himself, well buried under his brush, the sun from outside, the metallic heat of summer.

He possesses this light like a birth burn, it warms him up and irradiates his canvases. An excellent draughtsman, a talented colorist, he plays on the warm and infinite shades of a skilful palette to which he entrusts his own message of emotion.

(Photo Anthony Maurin).

His paintings appear in many private collections in France and abroad. He was trained at the ABC Dessin Peinture school in Paris.

Arnaud Chabanon began his studies with a CAP in ornamental wood sculptor. He then continued by carrying out a Bac pro stone cutting. With his diploma in hand, he went to refine his knowledge and techniques at the Beaux-Arts in Saint-Étienne. These different studies allow him to practice various methods and subjects.

(Photo Anthony Maurin).

He has been pursuing his passion for 20 years through artistic creation, mainly Camargue and Spanish bullfighting. He only makes unique pieces and it is in Saint-Laurent-d’Aigouze, his native village, that he has set up his workshop.

Wood, iron, stone, resin, acrylic, watercolor, Indian ink, graphite, paper, canvas (…) are all avenues he explores, with the subject of predilection the bull and the territory where he is from… the Petite Camargue.

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