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CelebritiesNormally, fashion brand Dior would collaborate with Cactus Jack, the label of Travis Scott (30), but that collaboration has now been postponed. Dior reports this in a statement. The rapper has been under fire for several months after ten people died during his performance at the Astroworld Festival in November.

“Out of respect for all those affected by the tragic events at Astroworld, Dior has decided to postpone the launch of the products from its collaboration with Cactus Jack indefinitely. They were originally intended to be part of the Summer 2022 collection,” Dior said in a statement. A source told People magazine that this is a joint decision, and that Travis Scott also agrees to delay the launch.

The rapper has been under fire for a while after 10 people died during his performance at the Astroworld Festival. Scott not only performed there, but was also the face of the festival. Panic erupted during the show, after which several people were trampled in the ensuing chaos. Ten people died, more than 300 were injured. Scott is accused of not stopping his performance when it became clear what was going on. To date, 36 lawsuits have been filed against Scott and the other concert organizers.

Nike then announced that it was distancing itself from Scott, who had designed a shoe for the brand. The rapper was also dropped from the Coachella lineup.


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