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Dior Bag Scandal Threatens South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol’s Party in Upcoming Elections


Capital South Korea (Carousel) Kim Keon Hee was caught on camera receiving a luxury Dior branded bag worth 3 million Won (Rp. 35.6 million). This dragged down the President Yoon Suk Yeol and his party are embroiled in a controversy that could potentially threaten efforts to regain control of parliament in April’s elections.

As reported ReutersThursday (25/1/2024), a number of members of the People’s Power Party (PPP), which is now in power in South Korea and oversees President Yoon, have urged the South Korean President and his wife to apologize for the incident which local media dubbed the “Dior bag scandal”.

The South Korean First Lady was also encouraged to admit that accepting such a luxury bag was inappropriate, in the hope that the scandal would end quickly.

South Korea’s presidential office said it had no information to provide regarding the scandal.

Observers say that by choosing to remain silent and, at the weekend, encouraging his party chairman to resign due to disagreements over the stance of some members, President Yoon risks starting a fire that could ultimately harm his own party in the April 10 election.

“This is a political bomb. Kim Keon Hee’s risk will be even greater,” said local political observer, Rhee Jong Hoon.

President Yoon won the 2022 election with a narrow victory, with his PPP remaining a minority in the South Korean parliament controlled by its rival, the South Korean Democratic Party.

Furthermore, observers said that when Kim Keon Hee, the wife of the South Korean President, received the luxury bag as a gift, she may have violated anti-bribery laws. It was reported that the gift bag that Kim Keon Hee received had a price tag of 3 million Won.

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