Digital terrestrial, new frequency changes: here’s where

There are many changes to the frequencies of digital terrestrial that have occurred in recent days, even at the turn of Easter, in MUX digital terrestrial of various Italian regions. Once again these are changes to the frequency of regional broadcasters, which in recent months have undergone several shifts in view of the switch off from the old standard to the new second generation digital terrestrial. DVB-T2.

The largest number of changes this time is in the MUXs they broadcast in Sicily, but there are also minor changes in Sardinia and other Italian regions, especially in Valle d’Aosta, Piedmont, Lombardy e Veneto. Six months after the mandatory code change (the September 1, 2021 all broadcasters will have to transmit only in MPEG 4 H.264), therefore, the situation of Italian local broadcasters remains very fluid and viewers are again called to retune the TV or set top box to keep up with the shifting frequencies and the MUXs that disappear with consequent scrapping.

Digital Terrestrial: frequency changes in Sicily

In MUX Retecapri in Sicily the Prima TV and Tele Jonica channels are now broadcast with MPEG 4 H.264 encoding. The Palermo broadcaster CTS, on the other hand, after the scrapping of the MUX of the same name is now being broadcast on MUX 7 Gold Sicily and Retecapri Sicilia, also at LCN 90.

The Tremedia broadcaster has been inserted in the MUX Retecapri, while in the MUX 7 Gold Sicilia 99 it is now also possible to see La Tr3, in high resolution. Instead, i MUX Rei TV, Tremedia e Telesicilia, with scrapping of frequencies.

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Digital Terrestrial: frequency changes in other regions

In Valle d’Aosta, Piedmont, Lombardy and Veneto the broadcaster TV charm changes logo, but remains available at LCN 231 on the MUX Rete A 2. In the same Italian regions the broadcaster Zeta TV (LCN 239) is now also present with a duplicate (LCN 269). In both cases the transmission is in H.264.

In Lombardy In MUX Regina Po Rete 7 has been added, in addition to the duplicate of Valpadana TV. The Sardinia have been extinguished i MUX TV Europe e TCS Tele Costa Smeralda, with scrapping of frequencies.


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