Digital project seeks to extend a successful vaccination model to all of Peru

This content was published on 12 September 2021 – 13:54

Monica Martinez

Lima, Sep 12 (EFE) .- The southern region of Tacna, on the border with Chile and Bolivia, managed to vaccinate 70% of its population against covid-19 through a successful model that the Comprehensive Health Insurance (SIS) seeks to replicate in all of Peru via a digital project that allows you to know at the moment the situation of the pandemic in your region.

Unlike the vaccination of more than 33 million inhabitants of the country, which reached 30% of the adult population, the Tacna brigades are immunizing minors, after having already inoculated most of its 346,000 inhabitants.

“I took the lessons of Tacna to be able to reward people. The issue of the fight against the covid is not only a health issue, it is of the entire community, of the entire social organization, and the economic reactivation that benefits everyone “Cecilia Má, the head of the Geovac Peru project, explained to Efe.

The southernmost region of the country “has organized the vaccination system so well” that small traders know how many people have been vaccinated in an apple and can offer them a prize or an offer “recognizing the effort and overcoming the fears of vaccination , I thought that was great, “he noted.


The winning project of the last Datatón organized by the National Council of Science, Technology and Innovation (Concytec) and the Ministry of Health is Geovac Peru, a web page and soon an application, which shows how many people have been vaccinated, with one or two doses, by geographic region, mortality rates and where the closest vaccination sites are.

The main challenge of the project was “to encourage citizens to get vaccinated and the second was to inform social actors and authorities”, in addition to making “the tool accessible, intuitive and friendly,” said the also head of the Institution for the Administration of Insurance Funds. in Health of the SIS.

For the head of the winning team, the best evidence of the efficacy of vaccination is that “deaths have notably decreased, where people in that age group have been vaccinated with two doses.”


Geovac received technical assistance and financing from Concytec to complete the adjustments of the project on Microsoft’s Power Bi platform and make it permanently operational for the public.

The team that designed the project in two days was made up of Má, the engineer Rody Puyó, the doctors Rubén Rucano, Constantino Vila and Abel Mestas, the nurse Shirley Figueroa, the engineer Wilber Bautista and the communicators Rosa María Rojas, María Román, Iván Layza and Miguel Jara.

“We are making the final adjustments to present it as a website and in 30 days it would be an app available free for everyone,” he reported.

As has happened in Tacna and other small towns in Peru, the person in charge highlighted the community’s interest in getting all its residents to get vaccinated to save their lives and also accelerate their economic reactivation.

“If I see that it is a district in Tacna and that more than 60% or 70% of the people are already vaccinated and also wear their masks, that is a safer district and I encourage myself to do tourism in that district,” he commented.


Currently, the gap between Peruvians vaccinated with one dose and those who have the full schedule “is more or less than 40%, it depends on the age group,” he said.

The furthest behind are those over 40 years old, which is why the Ministry of Health launched the vaccines, 36 consecutive hours of days during the weekends for the population to go to receive their dose.

“The goal of Geovac is to first be available on the website no later than September 15 and to be available for free in the first week of October on the Apple Store and Play Store platform, for that we have the funds from Concytec “, he pointed out. EFE



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