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Ilustrasi Game PUBG Mobile. PHOTO / IS

JAKARTA – In the midst of this situation, stay at home as much as possible, together we can contribute to breaking the chain of the spread of the corona virus, which still cannot be completely suppressed. Pandemic COVID-19 is not an obstacle to keep in touch and connect with family and friends, because in the current technological era, all activities can still be done together online.

Although PPKM will still be extended until August 2, we can still enjoy free time with friends or the community online and one way that can be done is playing mobile games. READ ALSO – Scientist Shock Meets Real SpongeBob and Patrick on the Seabed

PUBG MOBILE, one of the world’s most popular mobile games, invites all PUBG MOBILE communities and fans of Rich Brian to stay entertained and connected through its own PPKM, “PUBGM Players Come Back”.

Through the collaboration of PUBG MOBILE x Rich Brian, PUBG MOBILE wants to give a touch of #IndoPride for players in Indonesia. The selection of Brian, who is an international rapper from Indonesia, also shows PUBG MOBILE’s commitment to getting closer, uniting and expanding the community in Indonesia by cooperating with favorite domestic stars who are loved by young people.

In this spectacular collaboration, Brian also expressed his feelings and gave a special message to the Chicken Dinner fighters.

“My newest outfit collaboration with PUBG MOBILE is here and available in the game. Don’t forget to join the in-game Catch Me If You Can event where you can get various prizes including my freestyle rap outfit! Don’t miss it because it’s limited. Be ready to play with my style and stay safe,” explained Rich Brian.

In this exclusive set, Brian contributes his voice in the form of a voice pack and also his resemblance as a character in the game PUBG MOBILE . Not only the design details and visuals are close to the original, Brian’s character in the game can also do his iconic dance




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