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Diet change after 60 can give you 8 extra years of life | Health

Changing habits after 60 can give you an extra 8 years of life. This was told by the famous nutritionist Vasilisa Ponomareva, writes “MF” portal.

“Those who change their habits in old age can win more time in life. For example, changing your diet can have a positive impact on the rest of your life,” says Vasilisa Ponomareva.

She also suggested the popular Mediterranean diet, which includes lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, fish and olive oil. At the same time, you need to minimize fatty meat and other harmful foods that increase blood sugar and cholesterol.

Nutritionist Ponomareva noted that physical activity can significantly prolong life, as well as avoiding alcohol and smoking, which increase the risk of diseases – high blood pressure, arthrosis, lung cancer, diabetes and many other diseases.

“If a 20-year-old changes that, he will get about ten years of life. When a 60-year-old person makes this transition, he still gets about eight years of life,” the doctor concluded.

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