Did Nikol Stankulova get married secretly?

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Nikol Stankulova once again defended the maxim – “happiness loves silence”!

The native weather forecaster is already married!

Stankulova showed a telltale ring on her right hand. She most likely signed in a secret ceremony in a small circle consisting only of parents and godparents. This happened before she became a mother for the second time, Weekend sources claim.

The photos show that the engagement ring is elegant and with a small diamond. The wedding ring is also all in delicate diamond stones. Both rings cost tens of thousands of euros.

The weather forecaster’s circle whispers that this year Nicole and the rich man Teodor Minev have finally decided to become a legal family. The young man was among the desired native bachelors, but the assertive presenter of the time on Nova TV managed to enchant him and take him to the altar. In 2018, Stankulova gave birth to little Tea, who is named after her father.

While she was pregnant, Nicole never once commented on the fact that she was expecting her first child and did not publish a single photo showing her belly. She also kept secret the news that she had become a mother and announced the good news only a week later. The beauty returned to work only a few months after the birth and left her baby in the care of a babysitter.

The working mother wants to be on screen and in no way wants to be forgotten by viewers or away from television for more than 4-5 months. This year Stankulova became pregnant again, but like the previous time, she did not show up with her belly even once, and the stylists in Nova were explicitly warned to choose wide clothes for her. The beauty came off the screen in July and did not stop posting old and advertising photos on social networks.

Nicole, 33, became a mother for the second time on October 24, but announced the news the next day. She keeps everything around her children a secret because she believes that happiness loves silence. He also avoids showing off his relationship with the millionaire heir, so as not to provoke envy and lessons. She even tied a red thread on her hand to protect her from “bad eyes”. Unlike Nicole, her colleague Geri Malkodanska turned her child into an advertising face for baby diapers for a huge fee.


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