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“Diablo IV lets players skip campaign with a press of a button, but must finish it first to access endgame content”

Diablo IV, the highly anticipated release from Blizzard Entertainment, has a feature that allows players to skip the campaign with just a press of a button. However, don’t think for a moment that you can skip the forces of Hell – players will need to finish the campaign first. In a recent Inside the Game: Your Class Your Way video, Diablo global community development director Adam Fletcher clarified that players will have to beat the game at least once in order to skip future campaign reruns.

Lead quest designer Don Adams added that players can skip the campaign at any time, including at the character creation screen or after. Furthermore, there are other uses for this feature. Players can explore different classes with alternative accounts before settling on a favorite, replay their favorite parts of the story, or grab a specific quest reward before skipping to endgame content. Diablo has a long history of deep endgame content that can stretch over months or years, with players rolling up new characters and trying to beat increasingly difficult dungeons.

Diablo IV’s feature is a good way to respect a player’s time. According to Diablo IV’s director, it will take at least 150 hours to reach level 100, and it will take around 80 hours to complete each season’s battle pass. Diablo IV launches on June 6, 2023, for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S. During IGN’s Diablo IV review in progress, they stated, “I continue to adore its build-crafting system, the joy of spontaneous alliances that its online model allows for, and the surprisingly engaging combat, which was made even better with the new classes in play.”

Diablo IV is going to have a final beta test from May 12 to 14 called “server slam” which will stress test the game’s online infrastructure. For more information about Diablo IV, follow freelance writer George Yang on Twitter @Yinyangfooey, who has been writing about the industry since 2019 and has worked with other publications such as Insider, Kotaku, NPR, and Variety.

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