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Deventer IJssel River Water Level Rising, Measures Taken to Protect Historic Center

27 dec 2023 om 11:02

The water level in the IJssel is still rising. “We are moving towards 6.30 meters,” says a spokesperson for the municipality of Deventer. Above that critical limit, the city can flood. Sandbags and other measures should protect the old city center against this.

“The increase is no longer as fast as yesterday,” the spokesperson told NU.nl. “That makes a difference.”

The municipality has already taken all kinds of measures. Sandbags have been placed in various places to protect the historic center against high water. The bags make the quay more than 10 centimeters higher. That can make all the difference.

The municipality has “a kind of script” ready for high water levels. Deventer is now following those steps. “Of course we have standard things in the cupboard for that, because the river has been here for a while.”

The city has had to take the river into account for years and, according to the spokesperson, is also reasonably prepared for it. “The houses on the quay are generally located a little higher along the road.” He thinks that cellars and garages in particular will be affected by the high water. In addition, the Wellekade may remain closed for even longer.

To prepare for the water, the municipality is monitoring the water levels at the border town of Lobith. The peak has been reached there. “That means the peak here is about two days later.”

The information from Lobith usually gives the municipality of Deventer enough time to take more measures if necessary. “In principle, this should be just enough,” he says about the current measures.

Rain and wind can raise the water level

The spokesperson does make a comment, because there are two things that can still influence the water in the meantime.

The first is rainfall between Lobith and Deventer. Precipitation has a small influence. “But it can provide just the centimeter needed to get over the quay.” The same applies to the wind: it can push up the water and cause waves to come over the quay.

But all in all, the municipal spokesperson is not very concerned. “We are fairly down-to-earth in Deventer.”

Photo: NU.nl

Image: ANP

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