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Development Funds, Council of State “rejects” De Luca

The fool of By Luca it speaks for itself and shows that you don’t get anywhere with controversy. In this way, only damage was caused to the citizens of the city Campania delaying important resources for the Region and the necessary investments. De Luca not only did not know how to spend the resources of Development and Cohesion Fund of programming 2014-2020firm to 37% of the total allocated 9.3 billion euros with alone 3.5 billion spent, but it fueled a clumsy politicization that only produced misinformation, deceiving the people of Campania about the true responsibilities of this serious non-compliance. Not to mention the serious situation in which the Campania healthcare system finds itself which, despite a first-rate medical and paramedical class, is experiencing a healthcare migration towards other regions which undermines the right to health of the people of Campania.”.

This is declared by the Minister of Culture, Gennaro Sangiulianocommenting on the ordinance of State Council who, considering the actions of the Department for Cohesion Policies for the South from the Presidency of the Councilsuspended the effects of the sentence of Tar Campania which had accepted the appeal of Campania region relating toCohesion Agreement to be defined with the Presidency of the Council.

The Council of State has suspended the effects of the Campania Regional Administrative Court ruling which agreed with governor De Luca on the cohesion funds. Excellent news that finally silences those who claimed victory too early. To De Luca I say: “Whoever causes his pain should cry for himself.” The citizens of Campania have finally opened their eyes and understood who has destroyed healthcare in our region and who, in nine years of unfortunate governorship, has effectively made us last in all the rankings. For too many years, Campania has continued to be in the black in all social and economic indicators, while De Luca, who knows no shame politically, continues his strategy of lying in a vain attempt to attribute his failures to others. I would advise him to resign now”. The senator declares it Antonio Iannone, Regional Commissioner of Fratelli d’Italia Campania.

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