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Determined citizens are important in the defense of the state

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Photo of the archive of the Lithuanian Rifle Association.

Society’s resilience and citizens’ readiness for civil resistance is a feature of a strong state, so recently Lithuania has been aiming to strengthen these public skills. The awareness of the aggressive Russian war in Ukraine and the threat of the neighboring totalitarian state has a mobilizing effect on the people of Lithuania, but at the same time, it also causes concern. Some civilians suffer from not knowing how they would behave in an emergency situation, where they should go if they decide to participate in civil resistance.
Think like a winner
Military commentator, former special operations forces officer, defense and security expert and psychologist Aurimas Navys has recently been paying a lot of attention to education and public education on the topic of civil resistance, sharing his thoughts on how to act in the event of provocations. “First of all, people must be able to select the necessary information. There is a lot of information spam in the public space about the threats of war. The advice is clear: check the knowledge, do not trust one source, especially on social networks. Rough disinformation messages from enemies are also possible to phones, for example, that some important object in Lithuania has exploded. Never panic: turn on the TV, radio, Internet, finally go out into the street, see if it’s really happening, what you’ve read and heard about,” advises A. Navys.
Having participated in various military missions, A. Navys emphasizes that, just like in sports, even when faced with a threatening situation, one should always think only about victory.
“Army, state, people win when they think like winners. Another thing, if you lose in your head and heart, then in terms of willpower, you will not be able to resist. A person who feels free, who does not ask himself questions, is likely to lose”, A. Navys points out the need for psychological preparation.
Skills – in patriotic organizations
According to the defense and security expert, in a tense geopolitical situation, people are wondering what to do: retreat, hide, go to war? Every choice has its own reasons, people in a democratic society are free to make up their own minds. However, according to A. Navis, if we all retreat, what will we be worth? After all, we have the duty to defend our Motherland, and civilians have the opportunity to participate in civil resistance. You can prepare for this by participating in the activities of non-governmental organizations, especially suitable activities are held in the Lithuanian Rifle Association.
This year, for the first time in the history of independent Lithuania, the real capabilities of the Lithuanian Riflemen’s Union were assessed, exercises were held in all ten Lithuanian Riflemen’s Union national teams: the companies raised a training alarm and participated in combat readiness and logistical supply exercises.
In the first quarter of this year, such exercises were held in all ten national teams of the Lithuanian Rifle Association. The last exercises of combat readiness and logistical support took place in Klaipėda County, which were also observed by the recently appointed Minister of National Defense Laurynas Kasčiūnas. The shooters met him on the square of Klaipėda University with all weapons and equipment, full of backpacks, so that he could survive on his own strength and in extreme conditions for at least 72 hours.
After the formation, the Minister of National Defense, Commander of the Lithuanian Rifle Association, Col. Lt. Linas Idzelis visited the rifle company in Priekulė, Klaipėda district, where he was pleasantly surprised by the drone construction center established by the riflemen.
“Shooters work with their shoulders.” In response to geopolitical events, people seek knowledge of warfare, seek to acquire resistance skills. Therefore, shooters provide a solid foundation of knowledge, skills, and a sense of security for the community,” said Nerijus Vyšniauskas, the commander of Gargžda’s 309th company.
The Lithuanian Rifle Association unites more than 14 thousand patriotic citizens of the Republic of Lithuania.
The commandantar system is new
Lithuanian residents trust the country’s army and the military profession, favorably evaluate NATO membership, and in the event of an attack on the country, 61 percent would contribute to peaceful resistance. citizens. During the aggression against Lithuania, more than half of the population would be willing to contribute to the armed resistance. Such trends were shown by a public opinion survey commissioned by the Ministry of National Defense last December.
Each person must know his role in the defense of the state and acquire the practical skills necessary to resist, because knowledge gives peace of mind. In order for everyone to understand their roles, a new peacetime military commandant’s structure is being created in the Lithuanian army. This will be another way to allow citizens to contribute to the defense of the state.
Currently, when creating the commandant system, it is stipulated that, after the appointment of military commandants and their deputies, commandant units subordinate to the commandants must be formed, which will protect important objects in the municipalities during the war, work at checkpoints, and break up subversive groups. Commandant units would be formed from the active and trained army personnel reserve, commandant armed resistance units of the Lithuanian Rifle Association and armed resistance units of combatants and their organizations.
Currently, the prepared reserve consists of over 100 thousand. of conscripts who have acquired basic military training, of which about 28 thousand – active reserve soldiers who are regularly called upon to refresh their skills. Those conscripts who have completed mandatory initial military service or completed the training of junior officer commanders are considered to have acquired basic military training.
Citizens who want to contribute to the defense of the state and acquire military skills can register at the nearest Conscription and Manpower Service unit. Registration for peacetime commando units will begin on May 1 this year and continue until August 31. It is planned that military training will begin in the military units of the military commandantships already in October.

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