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Destiny 2: The game’s 1st live event starts today

Do not miss! Destiny 2 is hosting its first live event tonight for the Season 10 finale. Find out here what it is about and what you should consider.

You should not miss that: There’s a real novelty tonight at Destiny 2. The expiring Season 10 is in its last days and as a finale Bungie has apparently come up with something very special this time.

All keepers are invited to take part in a live event – the first of its kind at Destiny 2. Bungie apparently wants to stage the end of the current season spectacularly in the style of Fortnite and visible to everyone.

Omnipotence is about to strike (source: Forbes)

What is it about It looks like the great seasonal threat – the huge, falling cabal ship of the Cabal – will finally be destroyed.

This was brought by the nasty space turtles on a collision course with the earth and is just about to hit. Throughout the season, we tried using Zavala, Ana Bray and the War Spirit Rasputin to prevent this disaster.

Meanwhile, thanks to us, Rasputin has found his old power and will probably help us today to avert the misfortune in the last second.

When does it start? The whole thing should start today, June 6th, at 7:00 p.m. German time – with the daily reset.

How long the event will last and how it works in detail is not yet known – nor to what extent the players will be involved there.

However, it has already been speculated that we may just be watching: Destiny 2: Are we only attending the grand finale of Season 10?

You should note that: Bungie says that you should be in the tower, the large social space. It is not known whether the event will also be visible on Earth from other locations.

In addition, the studio announced that it is not a problem if you are in the tower before the live event starts. You do not have to leave the instance and visit again so that the event starts for you – it should also start on time. So don’t waste time on it, otherwise you’ll miss something.

So flies into the tower some time before, precisely because the maximum number of players in this instance is limited. Then you can wait in peace for the upcoming spectacle.

How does it look like? Are you at the season finale tonight? Or is the first Destiny live event cold? By the way, what about the start of the following Season 11? Destiny 2: could season 11 be postponed? That says Bungie

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