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“Despite being vaccinated …”

The boxer Óscar de la Hoya is hospitalized with respiratory distress due to the coronavirus. The curious thing of all is that he was vaccinated. This has been a great blow because he had been out of the ring since 2008 and precisely this September 11 he returned to the ring in a fight in Los Angeles.

The Mexican-American was scheduled to fight former UFC champion Brazilian Vitor Belfort on September 11. His last fight was in 2008 against Manny Pacquiao.

Despite being fully vaccinated, I contracted covid and I won’t be able to fight next weekend. Preparing for this comeback has been everything to me over the past few months and I want to thank everyone for their tremendous support. I am currently in the hospital receiving treatment and I am sure I will be back in the ring before the year is out. God bless you all and take care: I feel bad, bad, I can’t breathe well, “explained de la Hoya.

Evander Holyfield will fight in Oscar’s place, who will face Belfort. Holyfield is 58 years old and has not fought since 2011.

She was the victim of a rape at the age of 13

The boxer Óscar de la Hoya has surprised in his latest statements in which acknowledges that she was the victim of a rape when they were only 13 years old, something that he has not yet been able to overcome.

“I was raped at 13 by an older woman, so there were many [explícito]. At 13 I lost my virginity, I was basically raped. I was 13 and I was in Hawaii for a tournament, she was an older woman of about 35 years old, “he explained a few days ago.

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