Desperate Alizée, she shares very bad news on Instagram …

After a very difficult year, 2021 nevertheless appeared to be a revival. Unfortunately, the health situation has not improved, quite the contrary. Singer and dancer, Alizée has seen her activity put on hold. And while she was counting on her dance studio to stay active, the new announcements unfortunately once again dashed her hopes.

Thanks to the confinement and the end of the shows, Alizée was able to take advantage of 2020 to spend time with her little daughter Maggy, who was only one year old, but also with Annily her other daughter, and with Grégoire Lyonnet her husband. With time to spare, the young woman also took the time to search for the house of her dreams and move into it. But if everything seems to be going well on the personal life side, the professional side is not really the case.

Since 2013 with her participation in Dance with the stars as well as her meeting with the one who is now her husband, Alizée has never stopped dancing. Revealed to her as a real passion, the former singer and her husband decided to open a dance studio in Ajaccio. If until then everything went perfectly, since the first confinement the couple has had a hard time. Indeed, between the restrictive measures, the barrier gestures and the various confinements or curfews, it is difficult to organize. And it is not the announcements of January 14 that will fix Alizée’s business. Indeed, if the Lyonnet Dance Studio had been able to reopen its doors at the beginning of the year, it will once again have to close its doors because of the general curfew at 6 p.m. for the whole of France. As Jean Castex announced at the press conference, “ indoor or extra-curricular physical activities Are suspended. A new rule therefore directly concerning the business of the young mother.

In her Instagram story, Alizée shared with great emotion the newsAnd there you have it… another closure for the Lyonnets Dance Studio. “. The latter also expressed her deep sadness on behalf of the establishment, ” Once again our studio is closing its doors … We are really sad to no longer be able to teach dance to your children… What frustration after this happy January reunion… We think very much of them “. A publication that greatly saddened Alizée’s subscribers who did not hesitate to comment, ” Strongly the return to normal, good luck to you ” or “Sad news, courage to you and to all of us”.

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