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Desislava Doncheva: With a new approach in the new conditions – 2024-02-26 10:26:31

/ world today news/ After three years of travel restrictions, when you arrive in China, you see that the country lives in the future more than ever! – this is the opinion of the Bulgarian-Greek delegation from the associations for industrial cooperation with China,

A delegation of the Bulgarian-Chinese Chamber for Industrial Development, together with colleagues from the Greek Business Association for Cooperation with China, visited several provinces of the Middle East at the beginning of May. “This is our new approach, under the new conditions, after the almost three-year pandemic restrictions – with united efforts, to jointly explore the possibilities of partnership with the Chinese leading manufacturers of electric vehicles and components for renewable energy installations,” the chairman of the Bulgarian-Chinese told KMG chamber for industrial development Mrs. Desislava Doncheva, who is the initiator and head of the mixed delegation.

Q. Ms. Doncheva, please tell us more specifically what enterprises and companies you visited, what conversations you held and what are the impressions – of both the Bulgarian and Greek business delegations?

Doncheva: The world’s largest domestic market has become even more competitive if we observe the jump in retail sales and turnover in the last month. Our first visits and meetings were at Longhi and BYD headquarters. Longhi is the second largest producer of photovoltaics in the world. Our visit to one of the factories for the production of photovoltaic modules, which was built last year with the most modern production equipment and digital control, was impressive. With the management, we discussed Longhi’s policy for partnership in Europe and the possibilities of cooperation with companies from Bulgaria and Greece. Longi’s experts are also attracted by the geographical conditions for implementing innovative solutions in the Balkans. The team does not hide that the strength of Longi is the implemented innovations in the production of the products. And innovations are the result of scientific and development activities of the plant itself.

One of the leading manufacturers of hybrid cars and electric cars in China – BYD presented us with its new production premises. The Xi’an plant alone produces one car per minute. It works in two shifts, i.e. 960 cars are produced daily.

The investments made to optimize the production process are impressive. The central government’s policy to support the final buyer through tax breaks in the summer and autumn of 2022 is lifting the growth of sales and orders. Statistics show that half of the cars in major Chinese cities are already of the “new energy” class. The infrastructure for charging them at the national level is enviably well built, and no one is worried about not having a place to charge their car battery. Charging stations, including those of solar batteries, are installed in front of all administrative buildings, factories, technological or industrial parks, gas stations and elsewhere.

Q. As the head of the delegation and as a businesswoman, well acquainted with the possibilities of China, Bulgaria, and Europe, please tell me what is your opinion about the future cooperation between China and the CEE countries and in which directions?

D. Doncheva: What makes an impression is that China exports its productions with a lower added value abroad. But those that bring high added value and especially high-tech are expanding and increasing their production capacities.

One example of this was our visit to the Shacman heavy-duty industry trucks factory, which opened opportunities for cooperation in several directions. Production capacity is currently one truck per day. The management’s interest is focused on finding partners in Central and Eastern Europe.

The visits were organized at a high level by the trade structures of the city of Xian with the exceptional assistance of the former trade consul of China in Sofia – Mr. Yao, who helped us professionally during each meeting.

The next giant of hybrids and electric cars we visited was Geely cars. Each Geely model is produced in a separate plant and has a separate marketing policy. We were in the newest one – the Zeekr plant – and it is truly a “plant of the future”! We were convinced of the comfort and quality of the cars from the test drive that was organized for us. And indeed, the statement that these are the Chinese Mercedes is not an exaggeration!

I want to emphasize that all new models, innovative and technological upgrades, new factories built – all this happened in 2021 and 2022. This is how the Chinese economy was preparing for the new reality after the crisis. In 2023, the automobile industry of the Celestial Empire will again be the important part in the growth process of economic indicators.

Responsiveness, courtesy and willingness to negotiate, the specifics of the issues and topics discussed, all this showed that Chinese entrepreneurs want to work with Europe and offer mutually beneficial cooperation models.

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