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Derby victories for Regensburg and Dresden – Ravensburg, Freiburg and Bad Nauheim victorious away, Kassel still unstoppable

Tyler Spurgeon’s goal secured ESV Kaufbeuren’s 2-1 win over the Lausitzer Foxes.
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Table leader Kassel was unstoppable on Tuesday evening in the DEL2 for the 14th game in a row. The Huskies won against Heilbronn 4:1. Regensburg (4:2 against Landshut) and Dresden (4:3 after overtime in Crimmitschau) were happy about derby victories. Kaufbeuren narrowly won 2-1 against Weißwasser, while Bad Nauheim (4-2 in Selb), Ravensburg (4-2 in Krefeld) and Freiburg (5-2 in Bayreuth) collected valuable points abroad.

The first derby of the 38th matchday rose in Regensburg. The rival from Landshut was a guest. The 4,712 spectators saw a fast-paced first third with only a few scenes in the goal area. In the 25th minute Topi presented Piipponen for the polar bears. A broken gang then caused a delay. The promoted team came out better from the short break, Kyle Osterberg increased (40th). Third three had it all. Landshut came back, but Regensburg stayed cool and kept going forward. Again Osterberg made the decision in the 59th minute outnumbered.

Dresden made a guest appearance in Crimmitschau for the second derby of the evening. And the duel began according to the taste of the guests. The Ice Lions were effective and led 3-0 after 13 minutes with goals from Tomas Andres, Simon Karlsson and Matej Mrazek. However, the ice pirates remained visually superior, Dresden went too much on the defensive. That should take revenge in a dramatic finish. Timo Gams and Tyler Doherty (55th/60th) crowned the Crimmitschauer race to catch up, which at least was enough for a point. In overtime, Eislöwen defender Karlsson secured the away win with his second goal.

The Heilbronner Falken played a really good opening third in Kassel. The reward was the lead by August von Ungern-Sternberg (12th). Only in the middle section did the sovereign table leader turn up the heat. Lois Spitzner and James Arniel responded with a double hit (31st/33rd) for the Huskies. After that, the hosts had everything under control. In the final round, Tomas Sykora and Tristan Keck finally secured the 14th consecutive victory for the sled dogs.

The game between Krefeld and Ravensburg started 30 minutes later than planned due to a delayed arrival of the Towerstars. Apparently, the two offensive rows used the free time in particular. Result: a wild exchange of blows in the first third with advantages for the guests. After that, however, the two teams had shot their powder. With a shot in the orphaned Krefeld box, Josh MacDonald got the final score (60th).

A number goal by Tyler Spurgeon meant the decision between Kaufbeuren and Weißwasser. The Canadian scored in the 39th minute to make it 2-1. The narrow lead brought the second in the table deservedly to the finish against the strong playing Lausitzer Fuchse.

The Selber Wolves conceded the third bankruptcy in a row. In the home game against Bad Nauheim, the final section should bring the decision. Kevin Schmidt put the visitors in front before Marius Erk made the decision with an empty net goal just before the end.

Bayreuth, bottom of the table, confirmed the small upward trend of the past few weeks and kept the duel against Freiburg close for a long time. But in the end, the Wolves had more staying power – Michael Prapavessis, again Shawn O’Donnell and Sebastian Hon secured the away three.

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