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Derbi del norte de Londres: Tottenham vs Arsenal en la lucha por la Premier League

Tottenham vs‍ Arsenal: A Premier League Derby

The Exciting Clash:⁤ Tottenham vs Arsenal

As the Premier League season heats up, all eyes are on the ‌upcoming derby between Tottenham‌ and Arsenal. The ‘gunners’ are currently leading the table, albeit having played one more game than the ‘citizens’. This‌ match is crucial for both teams as they ⁤battle for a spot in the Champions League.

Match Details

The highly anticipated North London derby between ‌Tottenham‌ and Arsenal is scheduled ⁢to take place ⁤on Sunday, April 28th​ at 3:00 PM Spanish time.

Where to Watch

Football fans can ​catch​ all ⁣the action ⁤live on DAZN. Additionally, Radio MARCA will provide‌ live commentary, and MARCA.com ⁣will offer real-time updates, including pre-match analysis, post-match reports, and highlights.

Team Preparations

Tottenham: The ​Spurs⁤ have not⁢ played a match since April 13th when they​ suffered a⁤ heavy⁢ defeat against Newcastle. Despite this setback, their Champions League aspirations remain alive, and a victory in their remaining games​ could see them climb to the ‌fourth position.

Arsenal: The Gunners are in high ‍spirits following a dominant performance against Chelsea, where they ‌secured a 5-0 victory. After a challenging period that saw⁤ them exit the Champions League, Arsenal is ⁢determined to continue their winning streak in the Premier ‌League.


El emocionante⁤ derbi ⁣entre Tottenham y Arsenal en la Premier League

Este domingo 28 de abril, el norte‍ de Londres‌ se prepara⁣ para vivir uno⁤ de los enfrentamientos más apasionantes​ de la temporada en la Premier League. El Tottenham recibe al Arsenal en un duelo crucial en la lucha por los puestos ‍de ‌Champions ‌League.

La batalla por ⁤la Champions

El Tottenham busca desesperadamente⁤ volver a ⁢la ‍Champions‍ League‌ y recortar ‍la⁢ brecha de seis puntos que lo ⁢separa del Aston Villa. Con dos partidos menos, ‌los ‘spurs’ tienen la oportunidad de acercarse a ‌los puestos de clasificación.


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