Deputy Governor of DKI Responds to Foreign Media Regarding Noisy Azan: This is Indonesia

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia —

Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta, Ahmad Riza Patria responds to the spotlight foreign media who reported that a number of residents complained and were uncomfortable with the noise azan.

Riza asked all parties to realize that this is Indonesia as the country with the largest Muslim population in the world. In this country, said Riza, the call to prayer has been a tradition since our ancestors and therefore it should not be a problem.

“It can be said that this is Indonesia, which is indeed a Muslim majority. Its citizens worship, pray every hour. There is prayer, there is a call to prayer as a call to prayer,” he said at the DKI DPRD complex, Thursday (14/10).

The Gerindra party politician does not want to bother with the complaints of his citizens. Moreover, according to him, the takmir of the mosque also understands the limits so that the sound of the call to prayer does not disturb followers of other religions.

He explained, the call to prayer is a call to worship performed by Muslims every five times a day. He also asked all parties to respect the teachings of all religions, including Islam.

“The call to prayer is indeed a call to prayer and worship, of course we must respect all religions in Indonesia,” he said.

However, Riza admitted to respecting the complaints of residents who complained about the noise of the call to prayer. He said his party would check the location of the residents.

Foreign media AFP highlighting Jakarta residents who are afraid to complain about the sound of the call to prayer because it is considered too noisy and disturbing comfort.

AFP tells the story of one Jakarta resident, Rina (not her real name), who wakes up every morning because of the loud loudspeaker from a mosque on the outskirts of Jakarta when the call to prayer is heard.

Rina said she was worried every time she heard a loud noise on the mosque’s loudspeaker. He often can not sleep, nausea when eating. However, he was afraid when he would make a complaint. He was worried that his complaints would only get him attacked, and could end up in prison.

“No one dares to complain about it, here,” Rina told AFP.


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