Dengue Fever Patients Often Test Positive for Fake Covid-19: Okezone Lifestyle

A a study conducted by scientists in Brazil found a link between the spread of Covid-19 and exposure to mosquito-borne diseases. However, this research does not reveal that mosquitoes can spread the corona virus.

The study found that places showing lower rates of Covid-19 infection previously experienced severe dengue outbreaks in 2019 or 2020. The study was led by professor Miguel Nicolelis of Duke University, who compared the geographic distribution of Covid-19 cases with the spread of dengue for the last two years.

“This analysis raises the interesting possibility of an immunological cross between dengue antibodies and the coronavirus,” said Prof Nicolelis.

Professor Nicolelis said the results of this study were very interesting because previous research had shown that people with dengue fever antibodies sometimes test positive for Covid-19.

So this shows that there is an immunological interaction between the two viruses that no one can predict, because the two viruses come from completely different virus families. However, Prof Nicolelis acknowledged that further studies were needed to prove the relationship.

Read more: Study: Patients with Dengue Fever ‘Immune’ Covid-19


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