Demand for houses and apartments in Freiburg remains high

Price increase on the housing market by 8 percent

The Sparkasse Freiburg-Nördlicher Breisgau published the new housing market report on Tuesday (06/28/2022). The supply is still low, the demand extremely high. However, there are fewer and fewer private providers who are putting their own property up for sale.

According to the regional real estate market, Corona did not exist because prices have not changed as much as in other areas – according to a finding from the housing market report by Sparkasse Nördlicher-Breisgau. In contrast to 2020, when the average price for existing apartments was around 274,000 euros, prices in 2021 rose by 8 percent to around 296,000 euros.

According to the Sparkasse, the current market is feeling a strong reluctance on the part of private providers. They would rather put their own property up for sale if they have already found a replacement.

However, the demand for construction financing is still high. But then home builders encounter problems in the construction industry. Here, full order books and a lack of raw materials mean that construction projects are more difficult to calculate. Some of these are also postponed, which leads to a further shortage of offers.

The Sparkasse Nördlicher-Breisgau expects a more moderate price increase in the range of 5-7 percent for the year 2022.


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