Delia Duran, wife Alex Belli reacts to the declaration of love for Soleil / Scontro at the GF VIP

Delia Duran does not comment on the evolution of the relationship between Alex Belli and Soleil Sorge. The actor’s wife, after her last participation in the Big Brother Vip 2021 where she met not only her husband, but also Soleil Sorge stipulating peace, on Instagram, she no longer published photos and videos relating to the situation Alex and Soleil are experiencing. The latter, after the kiss they exchanged in the representation of Turandot, are unable to stay away.

Although they had the first misunderstandings that led them to discuss, Alex and Soleil immediately found peace by letting themselves go to passionate dances, cuddles and hugs under the covers. Alex also admitted that he loves Soleil with all its facets. Important statements that Delia, for now, preferred not to comment on social networks.

Delia Duran is back again at Big Brother vip 2021?

Alex Belli is divided between Delia Duran and Soleil Sorge. During the confrontation in the house of Big Brother Vip, the actor reassured his wife by reiterating that he only had a friendly relationship with the influencer. In the last few days, however, something has changed. Delia, after the photos published by the weekly Who she was in pinched together with model Simone Bonaccorsi, she has not expressed herself anymore.

The love triangle between Alex, Delia and Soleil continues to thrill the public. Tonight, during the new episode of the reality show, Alfonso Signorini will address the subject again to try to clarify the real feelings of all the protagonists. Will there be a surprise entry from Delia or will a message from Duran arrive at the house? We will find out during the episode.


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