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Delete devices, scenes and groups in one go

If you ever come up with the idea of ​​setting your smart home almost to zero, you might be interested in the fact that Amazon Alexa has a kill switch. Maybe a lot has accumulated, you have converted, renamed and automated numerous – and at some point you may not be able to see through, because that Naming routines is also quite new,

Amazon Alexa has an area “Smart home“In which there are groups, devices and scenes. At the bottom under each of these points there is the option “Discard all”. Anyone who thinks that only the respective content of the points groups, devices and scenes will be discarded is misleading. Everything is discarded, all scenes, all renaming of devices and the groups you have created. Once you have done this, you can perhaps remove components that you no longer need – or convert existing ones.

Interesting though: Alexa-connected speakers like Sonos-Loudspeakers stay with it after deletion. Skills also remain active. And if you let them search for new hardware because you want to set everything up again, then stay that way Components such as sockets and lamps connected to the Echo Plus will be found and listed again immediately. However, you should Socket types in the Alexa app set to “lamp” you have to do this again with a new setup, because after pressing the kill switch, something is back to standard. Deleting the groups will also lose speaker settings, so you have to set up preferred speakers and for room awareness Also move echoes into the respective groups.

Nice employment the whole.

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