Delays in Reconstruction of “Bulgarian Army” Stadium due to Legal Appeal and Subversive Activity

Delays in Reconstruction of “Bulgarian Army” Stadium due to Legal Appeal and Subversive Activity

The reconstruction of the “Bulgarian Army” stadium continues to drag on due to an appeal against the decision of the Sofia City Administrative Court. The complainant waited for the last possible moment to appeal the act of the ASSG, which is in favor of RIOSV and CSKA in particular as an interested party.

On September 14, Nikolay Veselinov Veselinov, deputy mayor of the “Krasno Selo” region, brought the matter to a higher instance. Before that, he used a number of tactics to delay the process by hiding at the address provided and not paying the state fee, Nostrabet informed.

According to a source of the site in question, the expectations are that Veselinov will continue with the subversive activity even when the case is heard by the Supreme Court. However, it is doomed to failure, because it is only a matter of time before the court decides in favor of “Serdika Sport Properties” EAD.

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Nikolay has been delaying the first sod in the Boris garden for months now. And the remaining three complaints so far are on his behalf. You could say he is a “professional complainer”. The person in question floods the court with complaints on all kinds of issues – with the aim of subverting the Municipality. He has already received instructions to pay a state fee in the amount of 30 BGN, and he is expected to harass (take legal action).

Veselinov was in the team of the now scandalous former mayor of the “Krasno Selo” region – Rosina Stanislavova. After a series of violations, the DB representative was removed due to a conflict of interest, namely Veselinov temporarily took over the position of mayor. However, his measures were cooled. After several unsuccessful votes, a new mayor of the region was still elected – Arch. Rumen Rusev. So Nikolay Veselinov again became a deputy.

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