Delay in construction due to rain and cold: “It is difficult for us to work on the roof when water runs off”

We are currently experiencing a delay of about 3 weeks due to a lot of rain, says Hooft, manager of total projects Hooft Construct. “Everything is shifting, we can’t work like this. Structural work, earthwork, bricklaying, these are all things that are not possible now.”

“Yesterday was a very bad day, it just wouldn’t stop raining. We are fortunate that we can shift our people to interior finishing, but sometimes we have to put them on technical unemployment, which pushes the entire planning back.”

“Our customers do not always understand this. They think “I have to work too, why not you?” It doesn’t work like that in construction, we simply cannot work during the rain. It is very difficult to get things right and nice to finish when it’s pouring rain.” Hooft fears that the backlog will not be able to be made up this year. “Some people will have to wait a few weeks.”

2023-11-28 17:12:00
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