Defecation behavior can prevent the spread of polio, how so? – The Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) explained that proper defecation behavior can prevent the spread of polio virus infection.

As is well known, the polio virus can attack nerves and cause permanent paralysis, especially if children have not received their vaccinations.

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Knowing how to prevent polio is important so our children don’t suffer from paralysis or other fatal conditions from the virus.

Prevent the spread of polio by changing your bowel habits

Ministry of Health spokesman Mohammad Syahril explained that one way to prevent the spread or transmission of the polio virus is to change defecation behaviour.

In this case, people are asked not to defecate openly anymore, such as in rivers, ditches or streams.

“The polio virus is spread through feces or feces or defecation. That’s when it breaks out of the habit of defecation that’s not good or it’s not in the toilet,” Syahril said in Healthy transmissionas reported by Between, Monday (5/12/22).

Syahril also stressed that a bathroom or toilet is an important thing that must be present in every home to prevent the virus from spreading among children.

In addition to defecating behavior, children must also adopt a clean and healthy lifestyle to avoid transmission of the polio virus.

Examples of clean and healthy behavior include:

  1. wash your hands diligently
  2. shower at least twice a day
  3. drinking water from clean sources not polluted by septic tanks
  4. eat food washed clean and cooked properly

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Symptoms of poliomyelitis are divided into three groups, namely:

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