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December 16… Nancy Ajram performs a concert in Qatar


Tuesday 06 December 2022

I wrote – Bahira Fouda:

Lebanese singer Nancy Ajram prepares to give a concert December 16 in the state of Qatar.

Nancy released a promotional poster for the ceremony, through her official account on the “Instagram” site, and commented: “Qatar in a few days, I’ll wait for you”.

Nancy Ajram gave a concert in ‘Naya’ on the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road.

Nancy appeared with her manager, Gigi Lamara, and they were received by the organizer of the celebration, DJ Yasser Al-Hariri, and those in charge, Naya, the engineer, Muhammad Farag, Hisham Jamil and Ahmed Thabet.

As she took the stage next to her orchestra, repeating the song “Don’t you want to be here while I love you,” the audience greeted her with cheers and cheers of admiration, left their seats, and gathered around the stage to join her in singing and taking commemorative photos.

Nancy lit up the ceremony with a package of her illustrious songs which she has performed throughout her performing career, including ‘Who is this who forgot you’, ‘Salamat’, ‘Ah and a text’, ‘You are what’ , “Ya Banat” and “You are Egyptian” as well as his latest songs, “Sah”. right” and “for you”.

Nancy’s concert witnessed many international performances, and its first few paragraphs were covered by DJ Nada, who presented a number of western tunes and remixes.

The concert was hosted by Sherine Hamdy and attendees included producer Ali Al-Mawla, director of works by artist Saber Al-Rubai, his son Mir Al-Mawla, artist Shadi Shamel and others.

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