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Dear Jane and MC’s Electrifying Collaboration Leaves Fans Wanting More

Dear Jane and MC collaborated for the first time in a show, and everyone couldn’t get enough of it. (Photo by Liang Biling)

MC Zhang Tiantian and Dear Jane held the “La Kuo Concert DJ/MC”. The two units added guests to sing for more than two hours, except for the classic songs “Memory Foam”, “Objection is Invalid”, “You Are Not Destined to Be Alone” , “Galaxy Repairman”. The MC also sang Edison Chen’s “Bad Boy’s Sky” and Nicholas Tse’s “Playground”, but the surprise must be singing “Rock Barbershop” with LOLLY TALK. After 11 years, Dear Jane and Lian Shiya “So far” together.

In addition to being satisfied with his dance search, MC is also very satisfied with his hosting part. (Photo by Liang Biling)

After the show, Dear Jane admitted that she didn’t have enough throat in an interview, but the MC thought that there was a need for a chorus and asked Howie to work hard. Howie revealed that it was only a matter of burying the end and hoped to release it as soon as possible. Talking about the guests at the concert, the MC said that due to the lack of rehearsal time, he was most worried about singing “Rock Barbershop” with LOLLY TALK at first, but luckily the effect was satisfactory. “Because I have rehearsed twice, but I have a lot of mistakes. I have to practice tight when I put on makeup, so I am surprised to get into the wrong time. I think it is good. It is very stressful for two people to dance, because the wrong dance will be very obvious. I think I got 80 points tonight, so satisfied.” The MC also said that good or bad dances are secondary, and the most important thing is that the audience is happy, but he repeatedly emphasized that “I will focus on music in the future” and refused to show off his dancing skills.

After the show, Qi Qi took a group photo. (Photo by Liang Biling)

The MC sang Edison Chen’s “Bad Boy’s Sky” and Nicholas Tse’s “Playground” at the concert. He explained that it was the producer’s choice, but he himself liked it very much. “I already sang “You” during the busking period, and these two love songs fit the theme of today and resemble my image, so I chose it.” Dear Jane and Lian Shiya sang “So Far”, Tim said that it was the first time The cooperation started in 2012. Since it was often sung on campus shows, the song was called the Warner School Anthem. However, the two units had never sung together on a big stage, so this time it was considered a very complete one.

MC denied that the company put resources on himself, and pointed the finger at Dear Jane. (Photo by Liang Biling)

Wei Lan Weishi personally testified earlier that she left Warner Records, which she had worked with for 8 years. It was rumored that the two were dissatisfied with the company’s spending resources on MC. MC said: “After hearing the news, I will point the finger at Dear Jane , because there are 4 of them, and I am not as tall as Jackal, and the shirts use less fabric, even if there is such a situation, they are still DJs, but I heard that he has new goals and new journeys in the United States, No matter what the outside world says, I hope he has a smooth journey.”

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