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Deafblind: “The condominium dreams” is on stage, the theatrical piece that combines talent, passion and inclusion

ASCOLI PICENO – On April 26th at 6.30 pm, at the “Ventidio Basso” Theater in Ascoli Piceno, the show “will be stagedThe Dreams Condominium“, a production of the company Il Construction site of dreams, directed by Gianni Giorgetti and Marinella Sbiroli, with text adaptation by Francesco Mercurio, musical arrangement by Alberto Bodini, costumes by Fiorisa Bonifazi and choreography by Alessia Piscini. The theatrical piece, promoted by Lega del Filo d’Oro ETS Foundation. – Philanthropic body and sponsored by the Municipality of Ascoli Piceno, with the contribution of Neri Marcorè and Maestro Leonardo De Amicis – testimonial and ambassador of the Foundation respectively – represents an exciting journey which through the power of dreams embraces a strong message of inclusion.

Where the limits imposed by disability are crossed. The theater company “Il Cantiere dei Sogni” is made up of deafblind and psychosensory disabled boys and girls, volunteers and amateur actors. Thanks to the creative force of imagination, the children of the company manage to overcome the limits imposed by disability: theatrical activity represents the possibility of going beyond themselves, beyond darkness and silence, allowing them to express themselves by developing their abilities. In fact, on stage it is the actor who is on stage, not his disability and with this positive and inclusive approach the company intends to always put the person at the centre, valorising them in their creative journey, which finds expression in the body and therefore in movement. Here every gesture is transformed into a powerful tool of communication and authentic expression, helping those who cannot see or hear to escape from the isolation imposed by their condition.

The challenge of going beyond the darkness. “The work of League of the Golden Thread has always been oriented towards enhancing the potential of each person, going beyond the limits set by disability – says Rossano Bartoli, president of the Lega del Filo d’Oro ETS Foundation – This same inclusive approach is shared by the theater company Il Construction site of dreamswhich will bring to the stage a dream come true: that of our kids, who every day face the complex challenge of going beyond darkness and silence, making us emotional for every goal achieved, like this show which sees them as protagonists of an important initiative of inclusion”.

An allegory about loneliness.The Dreams Condominium” is a show that with its simplicity deeply touches the hearts of the public. The plot, set in an apartment building, refers to a past time, in which even dreaming had become difficult, until the divine Morpheus, accompanied by his brothers Fantaso and Fobetore, decides to intervene by revolutionizing the lives of the protagonists, opening the doors of dreamlike imagination and hope to them. The work is, in fact, an allegory: it tells of the isolation experienced by deafblind people during the lockdown and of that light of hope, represented by the Lega del Filo d’Oro, which in turn was born from an ambitious dream, that of bringing the light of the dream to those who, living isolated, did not have the right to dream of the work intends to spread a strong message of hope by emphasizing that “if you can dream it, then you can do it”. The show is free to enter.

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