De Jonge asked MOJO to ‘no longer organize dance events’

Yesterday leaked the relaxation will be presented at a press conference today. The 1.5-meter measure will disappear and unseated events in large halls can also continue, as long as they do not use more than 75 percent of the capacity.

‘Bizarre conversation’

Ruben Brouwer told Op1 last night about a ‘bizarre conversation’ he had with De Jonge about the measures. “We have now finished talking about the content,” said Brouwer:

“If you want to start the discussion, it is said again: but the OMT! While the cabinet cannot explain in any way why the rule of only 75 percent is being followed publicly. We counter this with an entire research report, written from Fieldlab with help. from the OMT, stating that that 75 or 100 percent makes no difference.”

To right

Brouwer does not rule out the possibility that he will go to court. “The cabinet is well aware that a good event cannot be organized with that 75 percent occupancy. You can only create something good with a lot of materials. Only in the last 10 percent of the visitors do you sometimes have money left over.”

MOJO has to cancel many concerts with the current corona rules. “We had planned a tour of Doe Maar, sold 30,000 tickets. So we would now have to cancel 7500 people and then finish a loss-making tour.”

Small risk

The MOJO boss does not understand why the caretaker cabinet is so obstructive. “We have demonstrably proven that the risk at a concert or event is smaller than when you receive people at home. We work with admission tickets, we know who bought our tickets. All these measures demonstrably reduce the risk of people being infected.”


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